Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little leaves

Every piece is so ancient and plain that I won't bother naming brands

A quick pic of what I wore today. It was hot hot (yet again) so I put on this outfit, realised it was a bit boring, then got out my jewellery collection to spice it up a bit. These are two of my favourite necklaces, but I'd never thought to wear them together before.

I adore the result. In case you can't tell, they are: a multi-layered antique bronze necklace with leaf charms hanging from it, and a reed necklace handmade in Thailand with tiny multi coloured beads. I used to buy jewellery like nobody's business, but it's almost completely halted now since I don't wear it often and I don't want to buy unnecessarily. I already have nice pieces that I can pull out when feeling decorative.


Audrey said...

Great blog! The neclaces are lovely!! - I don't wear any myself - they tend to turn me green. Have a great day!

Yvonne said...

sweet i love leaf themes. haha as u can see from my blog background - just realized. btw, i like ur hair. it reminds me of tegan and sara. one of my fav. bands.

R. said...

That is a really nicely-put-together outfit, especially in this heat :)


poppy said...

i love your hair and jewellry! so gorgeous.
it's good to know i'm not alone in my abbie cornish love! candy is awfully sad but really very good.